Ask anyone in Rugby and they will recall, often with fondness, the warming red beacons at the top of the iconic 820ft radio masts on this site, which signalled that they were nearly home from long journeys.

The Masts

A welcoming landmark on the Warwickshire countryside and also a significant part of this country’s history. Those 820ft masts enabled our county to lead the world in the telecommunications advancements of the 1920s.

“...How is the weather in London”

The world’s most powerful radio transmitter beamed messages up through the masts to all corners of the globe - and in 1927 we spoke to America across the airwaves for the very first time. From Rugby to a receiving station in the state of Maine, called Houlton.

Tomorrow Calling

Its legacy lives on through Houlton – named after the town in Maine, USA that received the very first transatlantic voice broadcast from Rugby Radio Station in 1927.

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Opening of Rugby Radio Station – most powerful radio transmitter in the world


First transatlantic telephone call from Rugby to Houlton in Maine


Time signal service begins


Short wave telephony testing and A Station built


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